The New Wave of Song writing – Alex Lahey

The music industry was built on the premise of self expression – a vital part that is almost lost by an essentially greed driven society. Rare is it for an artist to make a truly personal connection with their fans, both through relatable lyrics and a truly down to earth persona. Alex Lahey – for those of you that don’t know is an Australian artist who embodies the above qualities. Alex possess’ the innate ability to blend such a raw and honest passion for song writing and storytelling with a light hearted attitude. Her songs tell of everyday problems that pretty well everyone faces as well as small victories that are often over looked.

Lahey’s EP ‘B-Grade University’ (2016) was a stand-out for Australian music. This breakout record earned her a place supporting Tegan and Sara on their tour through Europe, as well as the opportunity to do a whirlwind tour of the US. Yet despite all the international attention – Alex remains incredibly grounded. It speaks volumes about who she is as a person as well as what she stands for. Listening to her music is almost like being able to grab a small glimpse into the chaotic world that is the life of a teenager to early twenties. Through arguably her most successful song ‘You don’t think you like people like me’, Alex has been able to connect to her audience in droves. The song perfectly sums up the pain and confusion that people go through throughout a ‘halfway there’ relationship; while at the same time you kind of just want to dance to the song. This is where the true genius of Alex comes to fruition, accompanied by her three piece band – Alex is able to take what is seen as a very average experience and turn it into a fun de-stigmatized time of her life, completely embracing the idea that these things happen. I’ve seen firsthand the effect that this song in particular on people and it is truly something to admire, masses of people belting out the chorus whilst knee deep in mud is not something that every artist is able to achieve. While Alex may be to humble to realise, her music speaks for itself – the songs are fun yet honest, emotionally driven yet you can do nothing but smile and dance from the get go, which is both a confusing and beautiful experience.

Not too say that the EP has a sad undertone of troubled experiences and shrouded misconceptions. Alex also describes the importance of appreciating the little things that so often go unnoticed. Widely popular and my personal favourite ‘Wes Anderson’ tells of the little things in a relationship that make the whole thing an enjoyable experience (do yourself a favour and listen to the acoustic version Here). Lines such as, “I stayed in the shower, to avoid doing some useful stuff,” while subtle addresses the idea that you can get away with not doing anything with your partner and they will still be there. While the song is still fun and upbeat it helps to serve as a reminder to actually realise the little things that bring joy, especially in such a material saturated society. The true joy of Alex Lahey isn’t all in her music – it’s who she is as a person. The music speaks for itself; raw and emotive yet still incredibly fun. Yet it’s the fact that she is so incredibly grounded and has the time of day for anyone even though her touring schedule is out of this world that sets her apart from other Australian artists. To say that I’m excited for her debut album coming later this year is an understatement; especially if the EP is any sort of indicator. For more information in regards to touring or any purchasing of goods, visit .

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