Grand Champion

“I wrote it to make myself feel better about being a thirsty, unemployed insomniac whilst sitting in my bedroom in Northcote, Victoria. It didn't make me feel that much better, however, I have, for the most part, avoided working for arseholes ever since and I see that as a great success,”

Endless ranges played as nothing more than observant lovers to secluded bays. Rocky headlands had been chipped away long ago—as if someone had decided that the waves deserved just that little bit more room to dance.

First Spin – “Full Noise”

Off the back of their first EP, Halfway House, amassing close to 200,000 listens on Spotify alone, we were left wanting more from the small-town group, and as expected they did not disappoint. With a dreamy sax intro reminiscent of a smoky New York Jazz Club, it’s sets the premise for another beautiful Butlers ballad, that we’ve come to know and love.

Young Franco

Brisbane’s favourite producer, Young Franco, has had a huge 2017 on the back of the release of ‘Miss You’ earlier in the year, performing to sold out crowds in Australia, London and Seoul. On the back of a huge touring schedule, the auspicious Franco released a grime infused track, ‘About This Thing’, featuring UK vocalist... Continue Reading →

Loose and Colourful – Sumner’s Sons

“Personally for me I think Christchurch is a super conservative city and sometimes it feels like everyone here is just doing the same thing every week, going to see shitty djs who just play the charts music. Doesn’t feel like this is that many young bands as there is in places like Dunedin who have the likes of Soaked Oats, The Shambles, The Gromz, and Albion Place to name a few. So I feel like that song also reflects on that with us just trying to give it a go. The first line being ‘We’re sitting up on a cloud, people telling us to come down’ that could mean a lot of things to different people”

A Moment with Soaked Oats

On a trip to Dunedin he then played the rest of us these songs he’d written, and we were like (much to his surprise) “fuck man, these are great”. So, we decided to record demos of the songs ourselves, and had an amazing time in the middle of a brutal Dunedin Winter bringing these songs to life.

Cultural Distortion

The streets themselves are filled with people of all ages; young families to older couples, teenagers trying their luck in the field to businessmen just trying to make it home before their kids are too tired to wait any longer.

Beauty Amongst Chaos

A massive decline in the once fruitful boat building industry has lead to the closure and abandonment of countless warehouses and industrial buildings. Walking through the city centre one gets an eerie sense of despair from the rundown tiled walls of this once great town.

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