Loose and Colourful – Sumner’s Sons

It becomes quite easy to associate this fresh-faced band with a relaxed afternoon beer merely as the soundtrack to savoured moments. What a mistake that would be. The Butlers are far more than background noise, and you only have to attend one of their shows for that to become apparent.

Young Franco

Brisbane’s favourite producer, Young Franco, has had a huge 2017 on the back of the release of ‘Miss You’ earlier in the year, performing to sold out crowds in Australia, London and Seoul. On the back of a huge touring schedule, the auspicious Franco released a grime infused track, ‘About This Thing’, featuring UK vocalist …

A Moment with Soaked Oats

So pretty much how it all happened is Oscar (Lead Vocals) decided to try his hand at song-writing during a long and luscious Summer 2015/2016. Somehow all the songs he wrote during this time ended up being about stone fruits (he was working for a cherry company at the time).

Cultural Distortion

Moving to an unfamiliar sound of a kind of melancholy madness – it almost feels as though this robotic ideal has already come into fruition. Yet amongst all of this emotionless routine, it’s hard to not wonder what’s actually going on in their heads – what were their dreams; and what stopped them from striving for them

Beauty Amongst Chaos

The affability of the festival extended far beyond just the locals – musicians swapping drums for surfboards and surfers swapping boards for guitars and cameras. No better shown than through the 300-400 strong crowd that packed into an old, abandoned Automobile workshop to support and get down to a string of bands and enjoy the produce of local winemakers.